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About NPA: Leadership

Dino Laury, NPA, Network+®
College Instructor
Rochester, New York

- 2002 -

Dear NPA Board of Directors and Fellow Professionals,

Thank you for an opportunity to express my interests.  I want to maintain my connection with the industry; therefore, this is an opportunity for me to transfer my skills in running a non-profit volunteer organization. My experiences in serving other boards includes:

  • Rochester Institute of Technology’s Academic Senate (AS) and NTID Faculty Council:
    I am serving a three-year term as an Academic Senate Representative that represents 2000+ faculty and staff, and 15,000+ students at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, New York.  Our mission is to address challenges such as planning for the future of RIT, participate a climate focus group, improving student accessibility, and serving the Blue Ribbon Taskforce in streamlining department functions due to budget cuts.
  • Applied Computer Technology Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG):
    The feedback from IT business leaders are integrated in a decision making process to develop a new course and modify existing courses.  I am serving as the lead network developer for the ACT Network Technology curriculum.  Under my leadership, I have developed a new course called Introduction to Network Security and Applications.  I developed a curriculum and led a team effort that address challenges in preparing students to enter workforce as a system administrator, network technician, or technical support / helpdesk specialist occupations in mind.

My mission for NPA, fellow professionals, and network industry is to bring my creativity, leadership, and experiences on board.  I want to work on a team that is willing to steer NPA’s vision, convert vision into action, and produce outcomes (visionàactionàoutcomes).  Please put me in the driver’s seat and I will make something happen! 

Thank you.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dino J. Laury

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