About NPA: Leadership

Board of Directors                                                                       Past Leaders

Stephen Ibaraki, British Columbia, Canada - <bio>   CDF Chair, CNP Director

Richard Allan Kelley, Arizona US - <bio>   Secretary, AFP Chair, Webmaster

James Belasco, San Diego, California US - <bio>   Chair, Treasurer, Webmaster


Executive Office Staff

Professional Volunteers

Summary of the services provided by our volunteers:

  1. Membership
    • Maintain current and accurate membership and distribute to the executive board.
    • Assist with promotion, retention, and recognition programs or campaigns.
    • Provide friendly and competent customer service for membership questions.
  2. Advertising
    • Actively solicit, via e-mail and follow-up, the support of vendors, brokers and industry for the newsletter, and the annual NetWorld+Interop Conference.
  3. Financial
    • Collect, receive and deposit funds, fees and securities of the Association.
    • Provide accurate record keeping and accounting for all monies.
    • Provide consultation and advice on budgetary matters.
    • Pay all approved itemized bills in a timely manner and
      follow established guidelines.
  4. Communication
    • Maintain telephone service and e-mail address for membership.
    • Maintain fax line for membership and executive board communication.
    • Communicate in the most efficient means with the membership and the board of directors.
  5. Maintenance
    • Maintain records and files.
    • Secure and store all official Network Professional Association documents.
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