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There are literally hundred of users group organizations for people in the networking field. But the NPA is striving to set itself apart, as an organization that helps to build and support the growth of the leaders in this exciting field. Whether you're just starting out in the industry or a seasoned veteran, there's never a time to stop working on your career development.

Achieve the CERTIFIED NETWORK PROFESSIONAL (CNP) the international professional designation of the information technology networking community. Expressly for IT professionals having education, experience, and certification with a continuing focus on education and professional growth.

We have provided interviews with experienced individuals who are renowned for their achievements in the networking industry. Check out our numerous past and present INTERVIEWS to get insights from experts and interesting individuals in the networking field.

We have provided articles pertaining to topics of interest to network professionals, both interpersonal skills related and technical in nature. The ARTICLES are provided to contribute to personal development.

Professionalizing the Profession This blog is of interest as it relates to direction of professional certification.



If you have questions about career development issues or want to share some of your own success stories, please email us at



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