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A Chat with Purvi Sankhla: Innovative Entrepreneur; Sustainability Advocate; Founder and CEO of Yopla

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Purvi Sankhla.

Purvi SankhlaPurvi Sankhla is an innovative entrepreneur and sustainability advocate who loves numbers, technology and nature. She is currently serving as the Founder and CEO of Yopla, a smart climate-tech SaaS for food businesses. She has a passion for integrating smart, sustainable practices into business operations with a hint of gamification and fun.

She grew up in the countryside of India, close to nature, wild animals and farming, where she was able to consume organic vegetables sourced fresh daily, which fostered a deep appreciation for sustainable agriculture and traceability. She loves numbers because numbers never lie.

Purvi has a Master of Science (MSc) Strategic Management (Focused on Sustainability) from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Her studies also include the Chartered Accountancy (CA) - Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (considered as one of the toughest exams in the world).


  1. Founder and CEO, Yopla

    Developed K.I.S.S. Keep It Smart & Sustainable™: a proprietary model to understand the precise climate impact of farm-to-fork journey in a quick and convenient manner.

  2. Sustainability Researcher & Consultant, Private Equity Firm, the Netherlands

  3. Founded a social project Karma Kredits to prevent food waste by the students while at the University

  4. Finance Controller & Business Deal Structuring at Wipro, one of the largest technologies firm, India


  • AI Challenge Winner: Won the Provincie Competition in the Netherlands for AI innovation.
  • University Startup Challenge Winner: Recognized for innovative startup ideas and business acumen.
  • Global Platform Pitches: Selected to presented at various international forums
  • Stanford Ignite Program: Selected for the prestigious program with a scholarship but chose to continue on-ground research in food and agriculture in India.

Purvi enjoys backpacking and hiking in nature (once backpacked for 40days in the Himalayas). She practices yoga and does volunteering work



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