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A Chat with Ankur Teredesai: Founder and CEO, CueZen Inc.; Professor, Computer Science & Systems, University of Washington

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Ankur Teredesai.

Ankur TeresesaiAnkur Teredesai, is the founder and CEO of CueZen and a tenured professor at the University of Washington. His over 2 decades of research in Healthcare AI has resulted in over 100+ publications advancing fair and equitable use of AI and Machine Learning across the continuum of care with several algorithms deployed today across global health systems from dynamic risk prediction in neo-natal care to his work on using AI to reduce hospitalizations and improving quality of life with transitions to palliative care.

In 2015, Ankur Teredesai spun-out his first healthcare AI venture, KenSci which was acquired by Providence Health Systems in 2021. He subsequently founded CueZen with a mission to drive AI driven personalized care at nation scale. Today, CueZen's personalized recommendation engine powers numerous behavior change solutions from wellness to sleep, to personalized chronic condition management, and is embedded inside well recognized nation scale health platforms including NHS, Ministry of Health Singapore, Tata in India and within digital therapy solutions in US.

Prof. Teredesai's vision is that the day is not far when AI will enable personalize the standard of care for every individual on this planet. His aim is to ensure that when this happens, it is fair, equitable, and scalable to large populations.


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