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A Chat with Daniel Goldberg: Digital Media and Computer Science specialist; "Cross-platform" problem solver; CEO of ENGUAGE, LLC (epiqar)

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Daniel Goldberg.

Daniel GoldbergDaniel Goldberg is a "cross-platform" problem solver, with an equal sensitivity to both the sales process and the architecting & execution of technology solutions.

From his years in high-availability complex digital media consulting in Hollywood, Daniel learned that a technology solution can only be useful, and be a great business, if users are happy using it.

From his years as an outsider in Healthcare, Daniel learned key problems that exist in the realm of global healthcare quality and costs, and he has committed the past 14 years of his life solving them.

Originally a digital media and computer science specialist, after graduating NYU film school Daniel spent 12 years in movie studio and post-production technology environments. As Hollywood first went digital, besides producing, directing and editing creative media projects, Daniel consulted for and implemented file-based workflow and media management solutions for $50M+ theatrical film release productions, Superbowl commercial productions and other large scale corporate video projects for HBO, MTV, WarnerMedia, American Express and others.

Upon learning that Healthcare had severe media problems, and that the surgical operating theatre was a high-tech movie studio of its own, Daniel transitioned his passion and wisdom to Healthcare.

Working closely with medical device industry sales, marketing and training teams, Daniel built a company that designed and managed online training and marketing events. His responsibilities there led to the successful creation of 12 years of high-impact events that brought $MM in sales to customers Intuitive, Ethicon (JnJ) and others. Through this work Daniel built ongoing business relationships with these medical device companies and retained 12 years in contract renewals, while importantly situating himself within their marketing, sales and education challenges to uncover problems that penetrated all customers globally.

This experience, coupled with weekly meetings with the med device companies' surgeons for the virtual programs that they hosted together triggered an acute awareness of media management challenges that surgeons and the med device companies have with the surgical video that these parties use daily, and could never easily or effectively capture and manage.

All of the above experiences, both technical and professional, led to the launch of a global regulatory-compliant and simple to use live Telesurgery and Cloud-Archiving Platform- epiqar. With epiqar, Daniel innovated the world's only portable, low-cost and software-centric platform of its kind, capturing business and excellent customer testimonials in healthcare, including BD, Hologic, Teleflex and others.

The future for epiqar will be to take on the global challenge the planet faces with an aging population, a rise in chronic conditions that require elaborate and expensive surgical treatment, and a shrinking surgeon and nursing workforce: solving these challenges via intelligent low-cost technology with the help of AI and other innovations for data-driven healthcare is Daniel's great focus at the moment.


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