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Chats with Kelly Gotlieb, "The" Internationally Renowned Pioneer in Computing - Kelly talks about his remarkable family

This week, Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP, MVP, DF/NPA, CNP continues his exclusive interviews with computing pioneer, Calvin C. (Kelly) Gotlieb, C.M., M.A., PhD.D. (University of Toronto), D. Math. (Hon., University of Waterloo), D. Eng. (Hon., Technical University of Nova Scotia), Fellow CIPS (FCIPS), Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the British Computer Society and the Association for Computing Machinery. Today Kelly talks about his remarkable family.

Kelly Gotlieb is currently Professor Emeritus in Computer Science and in the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto (UT). He is a computing pioneer, whose innovations and accomplishments helped lay the foundation of an entire worldwide industry, educational stream, and profession. His contributions are so profound and their impact so diverse and in so many areas that the lasting value cannot be comprehended. Have a look at this blog to find out more:

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:00:41: Kelly, please share your insights about your early family life before you were 20 and how this shaped your future?
"....I guess I was a geek before that word entered into our vocabulary....I did well in school but wasn't conscious of being a geek because I thought that was what everybody did...."

:03:20: You had a wonderful person you met in your life, pretty early on. Can you share with us how you met Phyllis?
"....I took to her right away and proposed after about two months. She said no because she was in school then, and we didn't in fact get married until about two years later....When I was very young I had the good sense to make a conscious decision that I had to marry someone who I could talk to all my life....and that certainly happened...."

:04:48: Kelly talks about the many contributions of his late wife, Phyllis Gotlieb.
".....She eventually wrote 18 books - poetry and science fiction and she received international recognition for those. Her books and short stories have been translated into a dozen languages....The premier science fiction award is called the 'Sunburst Award' and that was named after her first book which was really considered a classic...."

:09:53: Kelly shares with us about his three children, son Leo Gotlieb, and daughters Margaret Gotlieb and Jane Lipson.

:14:17: Do you have any closing thoughts about family and what this has meant to you?
"....Phyllis said I was born to be a grandfather and now that I have four and three wonderful children, I feel truly blessed...."


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