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A Chat with Marisa Zalabak: Founder of Open Channel Culture; Educational Psychologist, Adaptive Leadership consultant, Co-chair of Education Committee expanding AI Ethics education, and a contributor to Global Advisory Boards in Peacemaking and Sustainability

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Marisa Zalabak.

Marisa ZalabakMarisa Zalabak is founder of Open Channel Culture and works as a consultant for Adaptive Leadership and Organizational Culture, focused on essential human potential and skills for the emerging future.

Marisa currently serves as a co-chair of a committee expanding global AI Ethics education with, the world's largest professional organization advancing technology for humanity. She is a contributing author of IEEE's recommended standards for the ethical design of artificial intelligence as well as co-author of proposed approaches for transdisciplinary collaboration in the development and mobilization of AI.

Marisa is a member of MIT's U.Lab with the Presencing Institute, co-creative innovation labs building capacity in existing programs and conducting action research worldwide to support and scale societal innovation. She also serves on global leadership teams dedicated to regenerative transformation in business, education and society such as; Million Peacemakers-developing a global youth peacemaking initiative, Women4Solutions - 1,000+ female executives and entrepreneurs in 30+ countries building inclusive and regenerative businesses aligned with sustainable development goals.

Marisa serves as a volunteer with The Knowledge Pledge- an advisory organization dedicated to accelerating progress on the world's most pressing issues by connecting global experts with high potential social entrepreneurs to share knowledge, co-create solutions, and scale their impact. In addition, she has served as an advisor for multiple restorative/social justice initiatives (e.g. Anti-Violence Project, Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, Vera Institute for Arts & Politics, NY Peace institute).

Marisa is a researcher, and graduate of the Hunter College/CUNY program in Educational Psychology. With expertise in Social-Emotional & Creative Intelligences and Restorative Justice, she has trained thousands of educational leaders and implemented programs in more than 350 schools fostering creativity and humanity in education.

Marisa's career has been multidisciplinary, including work across a wide range of fields and sectors; performing arts, television, business, education, psychology, research, restorative justice, social equity, leadership development, organizational culture, public speaking and AI ethics.

A native of the U.S. Midwest, she has lived in NYC for over 4 decades. Marisa is a dedicated optimist, deeply committed to advancing responsible practices and fostering leadership and regenerative systems for the emerging future and for lasting legacy.



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