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A Chat with Carrie Freeman: Co - CEO of SecondMuse; Interim Executive Director for the SecondMuse Foundation; past Director of Sustainable Business Innovation at Intel; Multiple Awardee

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Carrie Freeman.

Carrie FreemanCarrie Freeman is the Chair of SecondMuse Group, which is the umbrella organization for SecondMuse family of organizations. She is also the Interim Executive Director for the SecondMuse Foundation, a non-profit focusing on advocating for building Relational Wealth as an approach to build inclusive and resilient economies. The Foundation focuses on expanding this approach to a larger audience, learning from others in the field and on the forefront of this work, and advancing this tool together through collaborations and partnerships.

Carrie joined SecondMuse in 2012 as managing partner and then became Co- CEO. Under her leadership, SecondMuse, a B Corp certified company, has run programs that define inspiring visions, build lasting businesses, and unite people across the globe. Over the last decade, we've designed and implemented programs on 7 continents with 600+ organizations such as NASA, The World Bank, Goldman Sachs, Intel, IKEA and Nike. In addition to NASA, our featured partners include The Circulate Initiative, Pivotal Ventures, a Melinda French Gates Company, The Rockefeller Foundation and NYSERDA.

While SecondMuse focuses on the design, development and implementation of innovative programming that spans multiple sectors, we seek to benefit people and protect the planet. The impact SecondMuse initiatives has created can be summarized as follows: accelerated 200+ ventures annually; prototyped 50,000+ solutions; enabled $575M investment to supported ventures, with 80% still in business; generated $10B social and environmental impact. Over the last two years, in partnership with NYSERDA, we have supported 90+ climate tech ventures into the market, raising over $420M investment while advancing New York towards its greenhouse gas emission goals. All of our programs are designed and executed through a lens of equity. Our plastics circularity work in South East Asia has accelerated 99 startups of which 42+ are led by women. Under her leadership, SecondMuse won numerous awards including the Reuters Responsible Business Award, Real Leaders Most Impactful Leaders and the YPO Global Impact Award.

Prior to joining SecondMuse, Carrie spent 15 years at Intel driving change within the company and the industry. As Director of Sustainable Business Innovation, she pioneered strategies around a corporate impact investing fund and the development of technology market solutions related to natural resource management and climate change. Carrie formed the first Corporate Sustainability Group at Intel.

Grateful that her profession and passions are aligned, Carrie enjoys spending her free time exploring how to nurture and harness human potential for the greater good. She contributes on many boards and advisor positions. Outdoor pursuits fuel her and her favorite experiences include being active in nature and anything with her 9 year old son.


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