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A Chat with Marisa Zalabak: AI Ethicist, Educational Psychologist, Climate Specialist, Author, Researcher and Educator

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Marisa Zalabak.

Marisa ZalabakFounder AND CEO of Open Channel Culture, Marisa currently serves with as a Chair of the AI Ethics Education committee, Chair of Global Methodologies for Planet Positive 2030, and serves as part of working groups recommended standards for AI design and human wellbeing.

A 2x TEDx speaker, Marisa has presented in events, conferences and summits such as XRSI, Davos, IEEE/Man &Cybernetics, Stanford HAI/Standford Woods, UNEP, UNSCAP, NYC UNGA Climate week, The Female Quotient, and Brazilian Tech Mission.

Applied AI Lead and Senior Fellow with The Digital Economist, she partners with a diverse range of global leaders and think tanks such as AllTechIsHuman,, UNESCO, Smart Ethics, Global Alliance to Advance Digital Education, Million Peacemakers, Women4Solutions, The Knowledge Impact Network, and Presenting Institute, as well as advisor to Willie Mae Rock Camp.

  1. IEEE Early Access link to Transactions on SMCS paper
  2. Link to announcement of the New Program for Free Access to AI Ethics and Governance Standards
  3. Link to IEEE list of AI Ethics & Governance Standards freely available (Includes the IEEE 7007-2021 Ontological Standard for Ethically Driven Robotics and Automation Systems)
  4. Edson Prestes's link to World Economic Forum AI council


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