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A Chat with Sharif Hussein: A Global Leader in Business Transformation and Philanthropy; CEO at LPK, LLC

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Sharif Hussein.

Sharif HusseinSharif Hussein stands as a paradigm of leadership and innovation in the global business realm, with over forty-eight years of extensive experience. His career encapsulates roles ranging from CEO to strategic advisor across diverse sectors, including public sector, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, high technology, and retail. He is not only a top-tier professional but also a profound philanthropist, committed to enhancing the global community through his expertise and benevolence.

His foundation in information systems management, which he studied at the University of Maryland, equipped him with the technical prowess and strategic acumen that propelled his early career. His participation in the Yale School of Management's Executive Leadership Program further honed his leadership skills, preparing him for the complex challenges of international business.

His career trajectory has been nothing short of impressive. His role as the Chief Executive Officer at LPK, LLC since 2020 has seen him support numerous charitable organizations and serve as an advisory beacon to businesses aiming to expand globally. His leadership was pivotal in pioneering Medicaid cloud technology implementation in healthcare, showcasing his knack for integrating technology with business needs effectively.

Prior to his tenure at LPK, LLC, Sharif spent a decade at Client Network Services Inc. (CNSI), where he served as Chief Strategy Officer and President of Health & Human Services. Under his leadership, CNSI launched the first automated real-time, multi-tenant cloud-enabled Medicaid Management Information System, marking a significant innovation in healthcare technology. His experience at BearingPoint as Senior Executive Director and General Manager for the UAE also stands out. Sharif was instrumental in revising and enhancing the strategic business approaches across the MENA region, proving his expertise in not only leading companies but also transforming them according to market needs.

Sharif's philanthropic efforts are as diversified and impactful as his professional ventures. He has played significant roles in various charitable organizations, including the Children's Trust Fund, where he served as the Honorary Chair for their 2020 & 2021 gala events. His dedication to community service is further highlighted by his receipt of the Economic Bridge Builder Award from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce in 2021, in recognition of his ongoing efforts to support underprivileged children.

Over the years, he has established himself as a thought leader and influencer in the global business community. He has contributed to various panels, including the US Global Coalition's Michigan Advisory Committee and the MedMatch Network Advisory Board. His strategies and insights have been widely recognized for driving business growth and operational excellence across different sectors.

Shari's leadership style is described as visionary and servant-based, focusing on strategic planning, risk management, and building high-performing teams. He emphasizes customer satisfaction and quality management, believing in the power of transformational leadership to induce significant changes in both organizations and the markets they serve.

Looking forward, he continues to engage with global markets, striving to bridge gaps between technology and user needs, and advocating for sustainable, inclusive business practices. His ongoing commitment to philanthropy and global business leadership remains unwavering, as he seeks to inspire and mentor the next generation of leaders.

Sharif's blend of professional brilliance and humanitarian commitment makes him a distinguished figure in the international business landscape, embodying the ideals of leadership, innovation, and community service. His journey is not just a testament to what can be achieved with expertise and dedication but also an inspiring blueprint for future leaders around the world.


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