Marketplace: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

The following material was presented at the Business Continuity/Disaster Seminar, held November 20 in Herndon, Virginia. The seminar was co-sponsored by the NPA and Network Computing Magazine, and the other companies whose presentations are included here.

NPA Seminar Presentation

Vendor / Sponsor Presentations and Contact Info

Useful Material / Websites / Links

Good Article Links


NPA Seminar Presentation


Seminar PowerPoint Presentation (1.24mb)

NPA Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery �Community� Site then Community link

Best Practices (information to be compiled after event)


Vendor / Sponsor Presentations and Contact Info


Network Computing Magazine

Representative � Mike Lee, Editor




Presentation � Solutions for Business Continuity� (3.50mb)

Speaker � Ramesh Pattni, Senior Strategist�



IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services

Presentation � Business Continuity and Recovery Services� (1.44mb)

����������� (to view the presentation may require this player)

Speaker � Raymond Kearns, BCRS Sales Agent



Sun Microsystems

Presentation � Highly Available and Highly Utilized IT infrastructure

Speaker � Dave Brillhart, Datacenter Architext




Managed Hosting, Storage Solutions, Security Integration, Site Mirroring, VPN Services, Application Services

Presentation � Secure Active-Active Disaster Recovery Configurations� (0.22mb)

Speaker � Rich Bates, VP of Operations� 703-652-5900



Managed Security, Enterprise Security Management, Information Security Process

Presentation � Network Security and DRP� (0.29mb)

Speaker � Doug Ochs, President� 301-977-6966



Recovery Point
Disaster Recovery Hotsite, Web Based Solutions, Secure Hosting Services, Offsite Storage

Presentation � Integrated Disaster Recovery Site� (1.39mb)

Speaker � Marc Langer � 240-632-7002




Network Management and Monitoring

Presentation � WhatsUp Gold Solution� (0.53mb)

Speaker � Kelly Anderson, Product Marketing Analyst�




Router Clustering Technology for Internet/WAN Access with High Availability

Presentations � Policy Routing Application Notes

SmartdNS Application Notes

Contingency Planning for Remote Data Storage Solutions and Mirroring Solutions

FatPipe WARP

Representative � Jeff Berman, Regional Sales Manager� 301-858-1910



Choice Network Solutions

Verizon Products & Services, Planning and Consulting

Presentation � Verizon Disaster Avoidance Services� (0.65mb)

Representative � Peter Borstelmann, VP of Sales� 202-828-1212




Value Added Reseller

Representative � Neill Mardigian, Account Executive� 703-263-9539




Disaster Recovery YellowPages -- Locate the crucial, hard-to-find services you need to get your operations back to normal. --


Disaster Recovery Plan Template -- The DRP template is 117 pages and includes everything needed to customize the Disaster Recovery Plan to fit your specific requirement.� --

A 20% discount for NPA event attendees is here � for the Disaster Recovery Template, Security Manual Template, and all other products offered by Janco.


Disaster Survival Guide for Communications Networks book from RCCSP Professional Education Alliance (


Useful Material / Websites / Links


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) publications

Emergency Management Guide for Business & Industry

Emergency Management Guide for Business & Industry� (Adobe PDF version)


Global Portal for Business Continuity


Disaster Recovery Institute


Association of Contingency Planners


Contingency Planning Research


Mid Atlantic Disaster Recovery Association


Disaster Recovery Journal


Contingency Planning and Management


Business Contingency Preparedness


Subscribe to the AVCOM ANSWERS email list and receive a free copy of Disaster Recovery Planning: Preparing for the Unthinkable (3rd edition) by Jon William Toigo.


Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance


Good Article Links


CIO Magazine

CIO Research Reports � IT Prepares for Disaster�

How NASDAQ Bounced Back --

NASDAQ Lessons Learned from Sept 11 --


Information Week

Disaster Recovery Isn�t Just for Big Business --



Network Computing�

Network Magazine�

Disaster Recovery Dos & Don'ts: How to plan for worst-case scenarios,289483,sid7_gci835644,00.html

Get a Secure Grip on Continuity Planning,289483,sid7_gci831131,00.html

Microsoft -- Restore Systems, Apps, Data to Pre-Attack State�

7 Questions: Issues Concerning Managed Availability

Seven Key Questions for Surviving a Disaster

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