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About NPA: Our Value and History

NPA – Advocate for the International Network Computing Professional

The Network Professional Association (NPA) was founded (1993) to support the network computing professional and the ideals of an empowered, continually developing, professionally certified, educated and experienced IT practitioner. Among the objectives of the Association are to unite computer industry professionals throughout the world, to identify and meet the networking and career development needs of these professionals, and to identify and to meet their education and training requirements on their path to career growth.

Our Value…
The NPA does this today by sponsoring local chapters for the purpose of establishing a worldwide network of Chapters; the Awards for Professionalism to honor individuals for their outstanding achievements in network computing; the Certified Network Professional (CNP) designation; the Network Professional Journal (NPJ) an opportunity to publish for and by NPA professionals; membership classes from Student to Member to Professional Member to Distinguished Fellow, providing a single reference base for IT practitioners in their career paths regardless of their current employer; promotion of industry events and conferences; and by affinity programs to provide personal goods, opportunities and discounts to NPA professionals.

An NPA Chapter is an organized meeting group of network computing professionals. Each chapter draws its members from a defined geographic area. The NPA chapter provides a local association entity for individuals. The chapter is a place where individuals are involved in activities and information exchange with fellow NPA professionals. The NPA chapter is a catalyst for good business and career leads or contacts, an inexpensive education program, and a stepping stone from formal education or a prior career into network computing. The Chapter fulfills the need for a public volunteer participation program for many companies. Every chapter has dedicated leaders and involved NPA members looking to contribute something and to take something away from having a successful chapter.

The Network Professional Association announced the first Awards for Professionalism in 2002, to recognize accomplished network professionals in the industry. The Distinguished Fellows membership class continues this tradition of recognizing sustained lifelong excellence in the IT field. For the “Awards for Professionalism,” the NPA received support from many outstanding partners, Network Computing Magazine, Network World Magazine, Interop, National Seminars (2003/2004), Pearson Technology Group, Microsoft (2005/2006), and Novell. Award recipients are recognized for valuable contributions, their continued focus on networking and professionalism, and the respect of their peers. An international industry panel of elite judges is convened to review award submissions and make recommendations for recognition. Through an annual mutual relationship with Interop, the NPA enhances the prestige and visibility of award winners while continuing the awards as a standard ceremony at this definitive annual networking event that ranks as the leading conference and education program for the industry worldwide.

The Certified Network Professional or CNP is the professional international network designation for Network Information Technology (IT) professionals. The Network Professional Association introduced the CNP designation in 1994 providing a demonstrated history of professionalism. The NPA, through the volunteer efforts of its members, is involved in initiatives related to setting standards within the IT networking profession: the professional credentialing/certification of individual IT practitioners (the CNP) and maintaining the code of ethics and accountability for the profession. The CNP was updated and re-released to the community in October 2005. Previously, IT networking practitioners were without the benefits of such a professional designation where education, experience and professionalism are married together. CNP is the designation to be recognized as the seal of approval for our profession in the same way that the Certified Public Accountant or CPA is recognized as the seal of approval for accountants. Working with the world's leading IT professional organizations, the NPA represents the interests of IT networking practitioners in ongoing discussions concerning the harmonization of international IT standards.

The Network Professional Journal (NPJ) is a publishing service to and for network professionals enabling NPA professionals to get published. NPA members author articles relevant to the industry. Accepted technical content deals with the advancement of professionalism for the CNP; philosophical or standards based technical discussion, or technical reference guides.

The NPA has a history of event promotion for network computing professionals. NPA members enjoy various discounts on access, exhibition space and sponsorship packages, and conference passes. A small sampling of conferences and events include: 1992 Hands on Technology Labs staged at NetWorld; NPA’s Integrate Conferences 1996-98;--and since 2002: IT Roadmap; Virtualization Executive Forum; e-Financial WorldExpo; Government & Health Technologies Forums; NetWorld+Interop; LinuxWorld Canada; Desktop Summit; Business Information Security; IT Program Management Office Best Practices; Networking Decisions Conference; National Cyber Security Awareness Month; INBOX; Enterprise Messaging Decisions; PlanetStorage; Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo; Data Protection Summit.

NPA provides tangible benefits to its members through affinity programs and co-operative programs with other industry groups. Current opportunities include: Event Discounts; Working Advantage; Health Card Program; Novell Products Online; Pearson Technology Bookstore; Credit Card & Training Discounts; Thomson NetG; DCI eUniversity; Self Test Software; Software / Products; Microsoft Shop; Acordia Insurance Brokerage Services; Pre-Paid Legal Services; NextDayPC e-Store; Airborne Express; Alamo Rentals; Hertz Rentals; Wells Fargo - Education/Training Loans.

Some History…
In the spring of 1990 following a ...

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