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Chapters: Intent to Form a Chapter

So you are ready to start a chapter. Let's do this. Focus your contact with NPA.

You and NPA need a group of 5 or more members and preferably one or two sponsors to form a steering committee- a group of eight works very well. We suggest you complete the short form below and return to us . With this information, the proposed chapter can be tentatively approved and established on the web site and you can be given access to the chapter administration tools (it appears in the right side menu on your member's page). Use the latest Chapter Handbook as your reference.

This is what needs to happen right now

  • Complete on Intent to Form (cut and paste from below)
  • Wait for a confirmation to begin from the NPA office.
  • Prepare an email blast to prospective founding leaders and sponsors. (See sample at end of page)
  • When an appropriate group of leaders is collected, have some coordination meeting culminating in a Chapter Application (it's laid out in the Chapter Handbook).
  • Refer to the Chapter Handbook for the next steps.


Preliminary Intent to Form a Chapter

(Deliver this form to the NPA office)


Proposed Chapter Name:

Proposed Meeting Location:

Area Codes or ZIP codes you plan to draw from:

APPLICANT INFORMATION (please attach a current resume)

City: State: ZIP: Country:
Phone: Fax: Email:


I agree to abide by all NPA Bylaws and Policies and Procedures and understand that this application does not constitute recognition of the NPA Chapter I am proposing to establish. I agree to serve as the coordinator of the process required to determine the viability of a chapter and the resulting formal chapter application and steering team.

Signature: Date:

Printed Name:

Co-APPLICANTS (for each)

City: State: ZIP: Country:
Phone: Fax: Email:


Please explain the reasons why you would like to form a chapter, issues and circumstances to be resolved (attach additional sheets if necessary).


Sample Email Announcement

Fellow NPA members and friends,

You may know me, [name], [title] of [company]. I am an NPA member and have [other reasons] performed in the IT profession for some years.

I am willing to assist in formation of a new NPA chapter in [your area name]. To start an NPA chapter most need 8 enthusiasts, members, or sponsors, at least 5 of which are NPA members to serve as the startup team committed to one year's effort. This team's goal is to get the chapter rolling within 90 days. This includes a calendar of events, a budget and membership goals, filing for acceptance with the NPA Board of Directors and a successful election of officers into the next calendar year.

[insert any information you may already have about possible location or resources]

I will assist the chapter by providing guidance through the startup process. I have recently contacted several companies willing to sponsor and/or promote our new chapter. I have also spoken with some NPA members in San Diego willing to assist, attend, or have a regional event. Several events are already possible like Microsoft Loadfest for Server 2003 and Office 2003 Pro chapter launch presentation.

Let's not fool anyone. There is work and deadlines involved. The rewards are the people you meet, a small bit of notoriety, some education in the ways of association management and rounds of applause. Hey - there can be more but you have to go after it....

For those interested I propose a preliminary meeting [insert possible tiimes].

If you are interested in forming the chapter, please respond to this message by providing a bit of information:
a.. Chapter: _______________
b.. Name, Phone, email, zip code
c.. Yes No I am an NPA member #_____________
d.. Yes No I will commit to one year to build the chapter
e.. Yes No I will attend 80% of the chapter meetings (once a month)
f.. Days/time I am not available for a preliminary meeting

[Signed with return address - May be submitted Via E-mail ]

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