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Chapters: Policies

NPA Chapter Website Requirements

Mandatory Requirements

  1. The web address listed must take you to an NPA chapter page. You can give credit to sponsors, etc., but the majority of the page must be NPA specific.

  2. NPA Logo (must use official logo provided by the NPA Executive Office--download this logo by right clicking on it and saving to your pc)

  3. Official name of chapter

  4. Meeting day, time, location, address, and topic/presenter

  5. Chapter president and officers (name, title, duties, picture-optional)

  6. Chapter information channel (i.e. telephone number or other contact number for the chapter)

Mandatory Links to NPA Executive Office Site

In order to maintain a consistent message and keep proper member records, the chapter web sites must link the following information to rather than maintaining their own:

  • NPA Overview

  • NPA Member Application

  • NPA Chapter list

  • Other chapter web sites list

  • NPA Member Benefits

NPA Official CNP Materials must be linked to

Note: When creating these links, please make sure the user knows that they are jumping to the national site so as to not create confusion.

Do Not Include Any of the following on your local site:

  1. Information on national association (the message should remain consistent).

  2. Modified NPA logo (use only the official NPA logos).

  3. Benefits to members (list only local benefits that are in addition to the national benefits and note as such).

Recommended Requirements

  1. Meeting schedule including the topic/presenter (list all meetings your chapter has scheduled). All chapters should set a six month schedule.


  1. Clip Art of chapter state

  2. Local Networking Resources

  3. Calendar of events

  4. Higher education opportunities (i.e. university, college, education centers)

  5. Other networking organizations or groups

  6. Local networking resources that you could link your site to (possibly charge them a fee for this service).

  7. Local education centers that you could link your site to (possibly charge education centers a fee for this service).

  8. Local job opportunities (possibly charge recruiters a fee for this service).

  9. Local volunteer/service needs at your chapter.

  10. Chapter meeting minutes

  11. "For Sale" listing (possibly charge a fee for this service).

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