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Seven areas of excellence for self-improvement with tools to achieve development ambitions. "Kick it up a notch", an approach to professionalism that also can be applied to personal life. Natalie Forsyth, who is VP of I Beam Esteem, explains the essential theme to this approach: "Change what you are doing to change your life."

Forsyth notes seven areas of life, where if improved or "kicked up a notch," personal and professional goal achievement would be more easily attainable. Those seven areas include:
1. Professionalism
2. Communication
3. First Impressions
4. Productivity
5. Relationships
6. Health
7. Stress

There are specific tips for each of the seven areas.

For Professionalism, watch your language and how you dress.

For Communication, make sure to listen and be open in discussions.

For First Impressions, make eye contact, have a firm handshake, and watch non-verbal communication.

For Productivity, delegate and set timelines.

For Relationships, be caring and volunteer your time.

For Health, focus on your health because with it you have nothing.

For Stress, make sure to slow down and breathe!.

Natalie Forsyth
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