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The Value of IT Certification

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The Certified Network Professional® or CNP is the professional international network designation for Network Information Technology (IT) professionals in the world. The Network Professional Association® (NPA), the international association of networking IT professionals, introduced the CNP designation in 1996 providing a demonstrated history of professionalism.

The NPA, through the volunteer efforts of its members, is involved in a number of initiatives related to setting standards within the IT networking profession. Two of the main programs are: the accreditation of individual IT practitioners (the CNP) and maintaining the code of ethics and accountability for the profession.

Until the CNP, IT networking practitioners were without the benefits such a professional designation where education, experience and professionalism are married together. CNP is the designation to be recognized as the seal of approval for our profession in the same way that the Certified Public Accountant or CPA is recognized as the seal of approval for accountants.

The CNP will be an internationally recognized designation and we are working with other countries' certifying organizations to make it so. In today's global economy, success for International companies depends on professionals acquiring and maintaining universally accepted standards. Working with the world's leading IT professional organizations, the NPA represents the interests of IT Networking practitioners in ongoing discussions concerning the harmonization of international IT standards.

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