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Congratulations! You are a person who has made the decision to get educated and launch your IT career. Part of education is exploring what could be in your future while gaining the fundamentals and some practical experience. As you are now building business connections, and expanding your practical knowledge of IT, you are looking for tips to success.

The Network Professional Association® (NPA) exists for the well-being of IT Professionals. Where this is important for you is our example of being ethical professionals. The NPA's international membership adheres to a code-of-ethics, continual demonstrated professional development, adherence and knowledge of the latest best practice standards, and strives for continual growth.

The NPA is vendor neutrality and self-regulating. A fundamental driver for the NPA is to Advocate for the Ethical Network and IT Professional - providing activities and opportunities to grow and prosper in their careers.

We welcome your interest in the NPA, our opinions mad programs. We want you as a continuing member of the NPA. As a volunteer group we can provide opportunities to meet, greet and be involved. Our industry interviews and career board are waiting for your exploration as you think about your employment as an IT Professional. Just as important will be the opportunities to listen, meet, and learn from seasoned professionals.

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