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Active Military
Military to Civilian Transition

  • You are perfoming IT duties while on active duty.

  • You are on a journey from military to civilian life. What an exciting time!

You want to take advantage of your current training and are looking for that next opportunity. You want to know what others are doing, have done, and how to be a success. Now you are building business connections; expanding your practical knowledge of IT; looking for tips. Join together with others to find your success.

The Network Professional Association® (NPA) exists for the benefit of all IT/Networking Professionals. The NPA's international membership adheres to a code-of-ethics, continually demonstrated professional improvement, adherence and knowledge of the latest and best practices and standards, and strives for continual personal and professional growth.

The NPA is vendor neutral and self-regulating. A fundamental driver for the NPA is to Advocate for the Ethical Network and IT Professional, providing activities and opportunities to grow and prosper in their careers.

We welcome the interest of active and veteran military professionals who are interested in a civilian career in IT/Networking. We invite you to join the NPA as a Community or Professaional member. As a volunteer group, we can offer opportunities to meet, greet and be involved. Our industry interviews and career board are waiting for your exploration as you think about your employment as an IT/Networking Professional. Just as important will be the opportunities to listen, meet, and learn from seasoned professionals.

To honor your service, the NPA is offering a six-month complimentary Community Membership, or a six-month extension to a one-year Professional Membership.

  • For the trial Community Membership, simply elect to Pay by Check, then email with evidence of military veteran status.

  • For the Professional Membership extension, after completing your membership enrollment, email with your new Member ID and evidence of military veteran status.

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