About NPA: College of Distinguished Fellows

The Networking Industry's International Network Professional Association (NPA) recognizes with special recognition for the deserving, the “Distinguished Fellow”. These professionals have been "uniquely" singled out for special distinction out of an estimated 50 million IT workers in business, government, education, and media in more than 100 countries. They are in the Global Hall of Fame for the industry.  The networking industry is the largest and is all-encompassing including the: internet, mobile computing, telecommunications, security, networking, business continuity/disaster recovery, interoperability, IT and corporate governance, privacy/identity, and software/web development.  The association recognizes these special individuals as elite professionals through the special NPA title of “DISTINGUISHED FELLOWS”.

Distinguished Fellows (DFs) are chosen based upon outstanding demonstration of Professionalism, Service, Contribution, or Leadership. Once selected they join the NPA College of Distinguished Fellows, they serve on the NPA Distinguished Fellows Board. Distinguished Fellows are strong advocates of the Networking Profession and Professionalism. They promote sustained Service, Contribution and Leadership advocating Professionalism which is the guiding mission of the NPA.

Distinguished Fellows are diverse, leaders, and experienced and support the mission of the NPA. They promote sustained Service, Contribution and Leadership advocating Professionalism.

Once an elite networking professional becomes a “Distinguished Fellow”, they are authorized to use the DF/NPA or DFNPA designation after their names as a Mark of Distinction. The designation represents “Distinguished Fellow, Network Professional Association.”


Distinguished Fellows

Barry Sellers, CNP, DF/NPA
Sean Curry, DF/NPA
Ed Tittel, CNP, DF/NPA
Stephen Ibaraki, CNP, DF/NPA, I.S.P., MVP
Stephen Delahunty, DF/NPA
James Belasco, CNP, DF/NPA
Richard Allan Kelley, CNP, DF/NPA
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