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NPA Workshop - SOHO Mojo Optimizing Home Networks for Working from Home

Thursday 08/27/20 - Thursday 08/27/20    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM   (Pacific Time)
Location: NPA Event Online Workshop
               ZOOM event

Exclusive NPA member benefit
Members Workshop: “SOHO Mojo Optimizing Home Networks for Working from Home”.

NPA hosts an online, hands-on 4 hour workshop that shows how to optimize a home wireless LAN using the 10 Best Practices benchmarks. This workshop will include the guided use of four of the most popular Wi-Fi scanning tools. You will learn to use these high-powered utilities to evaluate your conformance to the 10 Best Practices and verify the effects of your adjustments. This workshop and certification are free to NPA members.

When: Aug 27, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time / 08:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
You must register in advance for this workshop. You must be an NPA member in good standing.

Instructor: Rick Murphy
•Certified Wireless Network Expert (CNWE) #10
•LAN/WAN field engineer and instructor, 1984 – present
•Passionate to share and mentor IT professionals

Rick Murphy is a pioneer in the WiFi industry and the engine of WiTS. Rick is the Wireless Curriculum Director and author of AirMagnet Academy’s course ware for WiTS. He is the current President of the Wireless LAN Association, longstanding member of the IEEE Standards Association, established member of the BICSI Wireless SC, as well as a major contributor for ANSI/BICSI 008. Rick is also a Board Member of the Network Professional Association, and founding member of the CWNE Roundtable. Rick is an authority on WiFi, and is well known for his brilliant graphics that are often used to help understand WLAN concepts. Rick’s attention to detail, ability to clearly communicate, presentation techniques, and explanation of the foundations of WiFi, make him an invaluable resource to WiTS students, clients, and his peers. He is currently working on some exciting projects for our training students and WiFi solutions education.

Learn how to take control of the home network, help others to optimize their wireless experience. Gain the WiTS Academy Practitioner Certification, wireless certification for your resume. Use the 10 Best Practices for SOHO Wi-Fi to make the wireless connection the best experience. Hands on workshop covers wireless band selection, reducing channel collisions, improving security, hands-on Wi-Fi scanners and router optimization. Includes online and back-end support. This workshop is designed to help you be the solution solver for your wireless peers. You will use one of four popular and high-powered Wi-Fi scanning tools to evaluate and correct your home network in accordance with the 10 Best Practices for SOHO Wi-Fi. Following the instructional workshop you may submit visual examples of your optimization results for validation by the instructor.

Offered through the cooperation of the WiTS Academy  

NPA Professional members be sure to pair the workshop with you member benefit How Wireless Works - Wi-Fi training resources, including training courses, hand-crafted  interactive resource tools, and much more! *a $700 value. Upgrade your NPA membership to professional and check you NPA member web page for details and invitation.


Course Minimum Requirements and Information

Each participant will need a laptop (MacBook or Windows) with Ethernet and Wi-Fi integrated.  You will need to be able to login to your Residential Gateway as admin.  Everyone will need to have a telephone handy so they can call-in the Zoom dial-up number if they lose Internet access. First we will document your existing configuration settings in case of problems during the reconfiguration steps.  Next we'll diagnose each location together using Zoom screen sharing and devise a remediation plan.  Each person will begin implementing their selected changes.  A couple of engineers available to answer questions and walk-through any snafu's. 


 WiTS Academy Practitioner Certification
•This course is eligible for certification through WiTS Academy as part of the entry-level, Practitioner competency framework.
•This certification includes a digital badge recognized by Open Badges ( ) which is valid for two years.
•The course and certification are sold separately by WiTS Academy and represent a $249 value.
•WiTS Academy is the training partner and learning platform for leading Wi-Fi technology companies, including Fluke Networks, NetScout, Apple, 7 Signal, GoGoAir, Philips Healthcare, Delta Airlines, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Philips 66, Hertz, University of Colorado, Direct TV, Princeton University, United Airlines, and many others.

Information and Registration

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