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Guy Kawasaki: Chairman and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures

Guy KawasakiThis week, Stephen Ibaraki, I.S.P., MVP, DFNPA, CNP has an exclusive interview with Guy Kawasaki, Chairman and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, a seed-stage and early-stage venture capital fund. Garage looks to invest in special entrepreneurs who have big ideas and who need seed capital to turn their ideas into action. They see the world for what it could be. Garage is not interested in companies that are creating the nth solution to the same old problems nor companies who are trying to improve things by only 10, 15, or 20 percent.

Formerly Guy Kawasaki provided advice in a Q&A format for however in 2006, Guy�s focus has been his immensely popular blog:

Previously, Guy was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. where he was one of the individuals responsible for the success of the Macintosh computer.

Guy is the author of eight books including The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Selling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College.


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The latest blog on the interview can be found on March, 2006 in the Canadian IT Managers (CIM) forum where you can provide your comments in an interactive dialogue.

Interview Time Index (MM:SS) and Topic
00:20:  Guy your books, blog, and past history as evangelist, entrepreneur, investment matchmaker, investment banker and venture capitalist have placed you into Legendary status. What do you consider to be your most notable achievements?

01:48:  You read voraciously and your keen senses are tuned to the greatest future trends. Tell us about leading "new" concepts or models for the world Internet Industry that will impact us significantly in the next five years?

04:29:  I caught your presentation at a recent angel forum. Can you summarize the key points for startups to be successful and to get the interest of VCs?

07:12:  From talking with successful serial entrepreneurs, I get a consistent message. "Hold off on VCs." What are your views on this?

10:29:  You made the Technorati 100 and you are gearing for the top ten. Why the blog title change, to something quite academic sounding? What makes your blog so successful? Are you getting into vlogging - video blogs?

16:22:  Which recent blog is your favorite and what are the main compelling lessons?

18:15:  What lessons have you learned from your long career of successes that will be of value to the audience?


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