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Within Career Growth, Mentorship is an invaluable supporting pillar for many IT/Networking professionals interested. Many professionals can find someone within their company or local user or industry groups who are willing to take them under their wing, but this collection of NPA member suggested articles and video interviews from experts recognized for their achievements in the IT/Network industry provides a trove of insights and actionable steps to integrate into your own career growth.


VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Hannah Töpler: Founder and CEO of Intrare

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Daniel Di Giusto: Executive Director and co-founder of the Tech To The Rescue Foundation

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Andrew Palmer: President, CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society) Ontario Society

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Dr. Asad M. Madni: Multiple awards; Philanthropist; Led development & commercialization of intelligent sensors, systems, and instrumentation (including, the Extremely Slow Motion Servo Control System for Hubble Space Telescope's Star Selector System), and the revolutionary MEMS GyroChip® technology; Independent Consultant; Distinguished Adjunct Professor and Distinguished Scientist at UCLA ECE Department; Co-supervisor of the High-Speed Electronics Laboratory; Faculty Fellow at the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies and Connected Autonomous Electrical Vehicle Consortium; past President, COO & CTO of BEI Technologies

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Daniel Goldberg: Digital Media and Computer Science specialist; "Cross-platform" problem solver; CEO of ENGUAGE, LLC (epiqar)

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Carlo Tortora Brayda: Founder and Executive Chairman of Tortora Brayda Institute for AI & Cybersecurity; former Chair of Gorilla Corporation

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Luca Stevanato: Expert in neutron and gamma detection; Founder and CEO, Finapp srl

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Jason Freeman: Collaborative Researcher; Innovative change agent integral in adoption of IT research systems and advanced analytics in health care operations; IT Director Imaging/Radiation Oncology at Stanford Healthcare; CEO for 1MB LLC and CTO for two startups, Dianima LLC and Dataknife LLC

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Mouna Aouri: Social entrepreneur; Impact investor; Engineer; Founder and CEO Woomentum

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Dr. Lana Feng: CEO and Cofounder of Huma.AI

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Ankur Teredesai: Founder and CEO, CueZen Inc.; Professor, Computer Science & Systems, University of Washington

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Dr. Aasim Saeed: Founder and CEO of Amenities; former VP of digital Health at Bayer Scott & White Health (BSWH)

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with David Fuller: Co-founder and CEO of Artificial; past VP of SW R&D at National Instruments

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Justin Breen: Founder/CEO of BrEpic Network

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Tolga Kurtoglu: Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer Leap AI Venture Studio; former Chief Technology Officer of HP and former CEO of Palo Alto Research Center (formerly known as Xerox PARC)

VIDEO INTERVIEW: A Chat with Daniela Herrmann: Tech, Business, Financial Industry Leader; Co-founder of Dynex; President and Founder of the Topan®Ecosystem (2011)


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