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The purpose of the Network Professional Association is to support your IT/Network career, help you improve your technical knowledge and skills, and guide you on what it means to become a more ethical IT/Network professional. Our three pillars are Professional Development, Career Growth and Ethics in IT/Networking. For over 25 years, the NPA has been a community for the IT/Network computing profession, promoting ethics and professionalism in government, academia, and industry. As a member of the NPA, you are taking an active role in defining the future of the IT/Network industry. The NPA is launching a Blogger and Vlogger network. If you think you have what it takes to go viral, contact

Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad

Lance Cody-Valdez is a freelance writer who grew fed up with corporate marketing and decided to put his experience and professionalism to better use. Writing for the NPA, Lance explores the boundary between IT and entrepreneurism. Ready for positive change? Check out Lance Cody-Valdez's blog!


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