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  • Professional Growth Technical Writing (January 2022)
    Technical writing is a skill many IT/Networking professionals are called upon to use in their roles, but it is not often taught in engineering and technical schools. For the January NPA Public Webinar, we will explore the purpose of technical writing, how to approach a project, and explore tips and best practices for putting words on paper.
  • Navigating The IT-Networking Ladder (November 2021)
    Are you comfortable in your current role? Are you hoping for a promotion? Are you actively pursuing your next challenge? Jim Belasco will explore ways you can design and realize your professional future.

  • How I Escaped a Life of Coding - How the Evolution of IT Shaped My Career (October 2021)
    Over four decades, Michael Swartz has seen it all. After studying programming, Michael exploded into network administration and launched his career path in IT/Networking. Explore how changes in IT/Networking impacted Michael's career and learn lessons that can help you along your own journey.

  • What Your Users Don’t Know Can Hurt You - Learn How KnowBe4 Can Help You Secure Your Network (Sept 2021)
    Meet the NPA Partner, KnowBe4, and learn how you can train your users to secure your network from human engineering attacks. Explore the discounts KnowBe4 is offering to companies of NPA Professional AND Community members and get a demo of their Secure Awareness Training Platform and a free Ransomware Simulator!

  • Zero Trust (And I Feel Fine) - Secure The Cyber Attack Chain with Microsoft Defender XDR by Dan Chemistruck CISO at Infused Innovations (July 2021)
    Using a multi-vendor approach for Zero Trust security has zero chance of success. Learn how Microsoft Defender XDR provides enterprise-class cybersecurity protection across the entire attack chain for organizations of any size or vertical. We will explore how XDR solutions shorten the mean time to detection as well as lower the total cost of risk when compared to a multi-vendor approach.

  • The Race to the Edge - Pushing VPN Security to Its Limits by Tom Sparkle, Sr. Channel Manager at Fusion Connect (Mar 2021)
    Explore Edge Networking and how to address corporate security concerns. Learn how to resolve issues that limit VPNs, such as speed, rationing and dropped connections. This Webinar will explore the new technologies and providers that can help make VPNs more reliable, free up network resources, improve user performance, and provide tomorrow's level of security today.

  • IT Policies for Off-Boarding by Jim Belasco (Feb 2021) **
    Best IT policies and procedures; best support to corporate transition; mitigate Off-board impacts

  • Why You Belong in the Network Professional Association by Jim Belasco (Jan 2021)
    IT/Network professionals the NPA is your trade organization. You belong here!

  • Virtual Networking for an IRL Career by David Deitch (Jan 2021)
    How to practice physically distant, socially connected, professional networking

  • Cyber Threat Hunting with a Supercomputer and Trovares xGT by Mike Seden, CISS, SimpliVity Technical Solutions Consultant III (Oct 2020) **
    What is cybersecurity, common incidents, vulnerability assessment and analytics; About the cybersecurity graph analytics solution blueprint; Trovares xGT cybersecurity graph analytics toolkit, application software and use with supercomputer

  • AI Paradigm Shift - How to survive as an IT Professional by Ron Salazar, MR2 Solutions (Sept 2020) **
    The Challenge: Complexity, scale, multiple vendors, high TCO, Shortage of IT staff, do more with less, budget. Why Hyperconverged? Streamline data center, Simplicity, scalability, easy to manage, resilient, affordable, simple.

  • AI Assessment & Surveillance Affects Job Candidates by Jim Belasco (Aug 2020) **
    AI, an ever-approaching threat - The World Economic Forum has discussed AI as a major element of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and something that will rapidly change our world and workplaces. AI affects Job Candidates - AI gives more opportunities for automation of processes that don’t require a high level of creativity and so can be performed by a machine. The automation of processes becomes possible due to AI’s ability to analyze big data and quickly estimate available options. AI solutions in recruitment, trying to automate the recruiting process and to discover new ways of hiring talent. AI can be used to improve equality and diversity in the recruitment process... Are AI Hiring Programs Eliminating Bias Or Making It Worse?

  • Make Meetings Great Again by Jim Belasco (July 2020) **
    Meetings that waste time have common traits; Better Meetings Accomplish Something and raise morale; Drive accountability as part of a great meeting.

  • Understand SPF, DKIM and DMARC  by Jim Belasco (June 2020) **
    Meetings that waste time have common traits; Better Meetings Accomplish Something and raise morale; Drive accountability as part of a great meeting.

  • SOHO MOJO - Optimizing Home Networks for the "Work from Home" Crowd by Rick Murphy, CWNE #10, Wireless Training & Solutions (May 2020) **
    An Interactive Introduction to optimizing security and peformance on home wireless networks including 10 Best Practices for SOHO Wi-Fi.

  • Cyber Resilience - Office 365 dealing with Ransomware by Jim Belasco (April 2020) **
    The meaning of cyber resilience; Build A Cyber Resilience Plan for Email.

  • Winning Tech Talent for Your Company by Jim Belasco (March 2020) **
    Despite all their good intentions, actively are dissuading talented people. Mindset matters more than experience, Be proactive in how you attract talent

  • What Can You Do to Help Your Customers Address Latest Cyber Threats to Their Businesses by Jim Belasco (March 2020) **
    The cybersecurity landscape, cybersecurity expertise, trusted cybersecurity advisor

  • 6 Key Metrics for Professional Service Organizations by Jim Belasco (February 2020) **
    A survey of 622 professional services organizations ranging from IT Consulting, Management Consulting, Marketing, Accounting, Legal and other types of service-based businesses. This report sheds light on performance expectations in a number of key areas. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), can help firms benchmark their financial data, and identify where they need to focus as they strive for continuous improvement and growth.

  • A Top Notch Resume is Your Gateway to the Job Interview by Jim Belasco (February 2020) **
    “When I started writing resumes for people, I quickly discovered that I especially enjoy drawing out information that makes them shine as a job candidate. Since 2008, I have found that many people—especially women—don’t give themselves enough credit for their achievements. By writing a resume that is dynamic, descriptive, and aligned with today’s job market, I enjoy helping them feel confident as they move forward with their job search.” -  Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish

  • NPA meeting: Agile IT presents SharePoint for the Masses using Office 365; Non-developer approach by Jim Belasco & Jerry Stidham (Feb 2013)

  • The Value of IT Certification by Steve Delahunty (Oct 2008)
    There is real value to education, training, certification and professional association

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