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  • (Alex) Mr. Lin Yong Qing is a widely regarded and respected international visionary and entrepreneur.

  • Alex is the leading international business and information technology authority, founder and CEO of, the top-ranked professional-based business social-media group.

  • Alex is the founding partner of SuperValue International Inc., the premier investment-consulting firm in China.

  • As a senior member of the executive for the British Chamber of Commerce, he brings more than a decade of experience and achievements to the prestigious Entrepreneur Forum, British Chamber of Commerce in China.

  • Alex brings an extensive history of accomplishment and successes to his many ventures. Previously in China, over a period of seven years as Intel's senior executive, he built and then managed the world's largest IT sales channel. Moreover, as Deputy General Manager and VP of Marketing, he supported the growth of the "TOP 3" PC maker in China, TsingHua TongFang Computer Ltd.

  • His singular views are in wide demand as a recognized top business expert. For example, together with luminaries Jack Welch, Michael Dell, Jorma Ollia, Sumner M. Redstone and other leading executives, he has been specifically sought out to present his vision on key business issues with China's number one media outlet, CCTV, which also commands the world's largest audience with 1 billion viewers worldwide and many hundreds of millions in China.

  • Alex was the first local MBA (XiaMen University) with Intel (China), and is the first global EMBA in China from the prestigious TRIUM program jointly sponsored by the London School of Economics and Political Science, New York University Stern School of Business, and the HEC School of Management Paris (, Ranked No.2 amongst Global EMBA programs by the Financial Times).

  • Due to his world leadership, Alex is a special invited advisor for several top global business forums including: advisor to CCTV's World Economics Forum (Davos) Innovation Program; Spokesman for Ambrosetti (Politics & Business) Europe in China; Panelist with Agrion for Global Energy Issues in France; Panelist for Horasis (the Global Visions Community) in Europe. Note: The Ambrosetti Forum is the leading European international economic conference attended by heads of state, ministers, Nobel laureates, and businessmen discussing current important issues regarding world economies and societies. Agrion is the prestigious business and professional community sharing issues related to energy, raw materials, and sustainable development. Horasis is the world's leading strategic advisory on long-term scenarios related to globalization, systemic risk, and Asian business.

  • Again in 2009, Alex was an invited CEO to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and also participated in the Global Leaders Summit held in New York with the G20 summit and attended by such luminaries as Henry Kissinger and Warren Buffet.

  • The prestigious London School of Economics, in their LSE Connect "Blazing Trails" article profiled Alex as one of the two most successful entrepreneurs in China with a focus on ChinaValue and its ground-breaking innovation and business model for sustained success.

  • Alex is a distinguished mentor-advisor or professor of the top business schools in China, including Beijing University, Beijing Normal University, and Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. He also brings his rich experience to the Academy of Peter Drucker as a lecturer on Chinese entrepreneurship.

  • As an outstanding thinker, Alex was specially selected to work and engage with global managerial gurus, such as Charles Handy. Alex has introduced many milestone books (knowledge-based) to China in order to make significant contributions to China's society. For instance:
    • "Wikinomics" by Don Tapscott, concerning mass collaboration in a new economy;
    • "The Way We Will Be 50 Years From Today" by Mike Wallace, a collection of 30+ Nobel Prize Winners and 20+ other global leaders including national Presidents.

  • As founder of, Alex has built the biggest online professional community in China, promoting and leveraging a knowledge-based economy in China and moving beyond a labor-intensive base. As noted in the LSE feature article, ChinaValue is a "professional, social, media network, where members exchange information, knowledge, and business know-how." It's also the single biggest source of market, investment, and business trends intelligence in China and the largest community for professionals to collaborate and support their career growth. ChinaValue is now the leading business new media or professional social media group in China including amongst its elite strategic partnerships:
    • The UK Chamber of Commerce in China;
    • The US Chamber of Commerce in China;
    • The world's largest media group, CCTV (1 billion viewers);
    • Business Week;
    • Financial Times;
    • Harvard Business Review and more.

  • ChinaValue uniquely encompasses: 500,000 writer/researchers, building to 20 million by 2012 as noted in the London School of Economics (LSE) "Blazing Trails" article; top 50 university partners; top 100 media in China and globally; top 10 portals content provider; 60 million professional-based audience and 100+ million through partnerships; 1 million pageviews/day; the largest mobile business professional platform; real time intelligence on business, investments, finance, economics, technology, law, education, industry, government, media; first and largest professional business blogs, wikis, and "digging" tied to a vertical search engine, on 21 industry sectors. Demonstrating ChinaValue's global importance, featured interviews include: global VPs and CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations such as Intel/Microsoft/SUN/ICICI Bank/Infosys, vice-governor of UK Central Bank, Mayor of City of London, Ambassador of USA, spokesman of EU committee, numerous global managerial gurus, head of international organizations, etc. (English Version of the Interviews: ). The 60 million reach of ChinaValue represents the most significant influential segment of the professional population in China with the largest purchasing power, generating the greatest wealth, contributing to the China GDP, representing the financial and decision-making powerful elite in China.

  • With the essential objective of pursuing the value of China in this globalization era by increasing online credit and trust in the China business environment, Alex Lin is the first person to initiate ground-breaking "Legislation of using Internet Real Names" to The National People's Congress of PRC ( This is a milestone in China's history with Alex Lin working to lead this vision.

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