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A Chat with Liesbeth Ruoff - van Welzen: Founder-Owner of LRWA, Advisor on Return on Investment in IT

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Liesbeth Ruoff - van Welzen.

Liesbeth Ruoff - van WelzenLiesbeth Ruoff - van Welzen acquired expertise in various fields. After starting as a marketer in education and IT firms, she became a Group Vice President at IDC, the market intelligence firm. She played an important role in the development and growth of its market research.

Currently Liesbeth is founder-owner of LRWA, a consultancy boutique. In that role she advised and advises companies like SAP, TNT, Deloitte, Netive and the Dutch Government about their Return on Investment in IT, taking their human capital into account.

Liesbeth is chairman of Interest Group (IG) Digital Skills of KNVI, the Royal Dutch Organisation for the Information Professional. She is board member of IP3, a part of IFIP - the world-wide organisation for information professionals. Liesbeth represents KNVI in the European standardization organisation CEN TC 428, the technical committee looking at ICT professionalism and digital skills. She also is a member of several EU expert groups in Brussel around digital skills and digital transformation.


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