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A Chat with David Deitch: Leading Crystal Reports Developer; Business intelligence analyst about every database has a story to tell that can help identify business information needs, deliver valuable, actionable data and facilitate informed decision-making

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with David Deitch.

David DeitchDavid Deitch is a leading Crystal Reports Developer and business intelligence analyst. Business leaders trust his knowledge, experience, and integrity, and he has a proven ability to deliver projects on schedule and within budget. David believes every database has a story to tell about the business; his job is to work with stakeholders to tell that story in a way that identifies business information needs, delivers valuable, actionable data, and facilitates informed decision-making.

David wrote his first database application in high school on an Apple IIc, but later turned to computer networking and became a Novell Certified Netware Engineer at Turner Broadcasting System. There, he provided network and user administration, email and print server support, and enterprise application management for hundreds of employees and freelancers in the Turner Entertainment Networks. David built the Netware 4 SFT III fiber-connected fault-tolerant network that helped to launch Turner Classic Movies (TCM). He also designed a client-server solution on Windows 3.11 that allowed users to access their personal Windows environment from any workstation in the production and broadcast facilities.

David then focused his career as a Crystal Reports Developer. In this capacity, he developed VoIP reports for Avaya, worked on a business resiliency and recovery project for the IRS, and delivered custom reports for clients of the EnerGov government operations application. He maintained the report catalog for a non-profit insurance company exclusively serving non-profit organizations and supported the jury management system for the Judicial Branch of the State of Iowa.

David founded the Crystal Reports Professionals of Atlanta and Crystal Reports groups on LinkedIn, which now have more than 11,000 members. David was selected to compete in the SAP Reportapalooza, a social media marketing competition that pitted three Crystal Reports experts against each other.

David has served as President of the Atlanta chapter of the Network Professional Association and currently serves as the Director of Communications and is also NPA's board of directors as Treasurer. He also is the Social Media Director for the Morty's TV reality TV fan website and chairs the Communications Committee for the Alpha Phi Omega Eagle Scout Alumni Association.

David joined The Motley Fool investing advisory service, where he learned to apply the same business analysis skills to both investing and report development. David was invited to become a Ticker Guide and a Premium Home Fool, providing experience-based investing and personal finance advice to members.

David earned a Computer Science degree from the Washington University School of Engineering and remains active as an alumni mentor. An Eagle Scout from his youth, David believes in social and environmental responsibility, constructive communication, and giving back to his community and peers. He is a lifelong fan of the Atlanta Braves and a long-time admirer in the Walt Disney Company. "Walt Disney's emphasis on powerful storytelling continually informs my approach to everything I do," explains David, "from Crystal Reports Development and business intelligence analysis to my drive to always exceed expectations with lasting business reporting solutions."



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