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Working with a Recruiter/Headhunter - Tuesday February 21, 2023

enterprise CONNECT - Monday March 27, 2023

BLACK HAT ASIA 2023 - Tuesday May 9 through Friday May 12, 2023

BLACK HAT USA 2023 - Saturday August 5 through Thursday August 10, 2023

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We place the ethics for the network and IT professional first. We mentor and share to learn the secrets of success, improve skills and network with like-minded people around the world. All IT technologies, individuals, and businesses utilizing IT networks and IT Professionals are welcome. Your differing interests are ours, at NPA you can join the sharing.

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In association with our 30th Anniversary celebration, the NPA is proud to announce new membership promotions for 2023!

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  • We want to celebrate all the NPA members over the years. Any former NPA member that rejoins the NPA as a Community or Professional Member after more than a year of inactive status will have their membership extended by one year free. Just email? your Member ID after restarting your membership.

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    For the Professional Membership extension, after completing your membership enrollment, email? your new Member ID and evidence of military veteran status.

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  • The NPA Public Webinars provide opportunities for non-member IT/Networking Professionals to enjoy a presentation following one of our core pillars of Career Growth, Professional Development or Ethical Integrity, and explore the benefits of NPA Membership. As an incentive to join the NPA, attendees of our Public Webinars can receive a six month extension to their Community or Professional Memberships. Simply email? your new Member ID and the date of the Public Webinar you attended

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